Anti Slip Tapes

Anti Slip Tapes

Use in Industrial, Commercial and Public Buildings, Internal and External

Hi-Bond Anti-Slip tapes are high quality hard wearing safety tapes for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications.

Available in a range of colours: Black, White, Yellow and Yellow/Black (hazard warning grades being the most popular)

  • Standard tapes have a PVC film backing which is coated on one side with a very hard and resistant aluminium oxide grit and on the reverse side a high performance solvent acrylic permanent adhesive.

  • Conformable aluminium foil backed grades for demanding industrial applications.

  • Swimming pool / changing room / hot-tub grades produced from embossed films- ideal for bare foot areas.

These anti-slip tapes are ideal for use in high foot fall areas in public places, for stair edges, ramps, reception areas, and ideal for ladders.

The tapes can be applied to concrete and stone flooring, ceramic tiles, and synthetic floor coverings.

Suitable for public transport and marine applications.

Product Codes

HAS500 Black: Grit 36

HAS520 Yellow: Grit 36

HAS530 Yellow / Black: Grit 46

HAS900 Black: Grit 36

HAS910 White: Grit 60

HAS920 Yellow: Grit 36

HAS930 Yellow / Black hazard stripe: Grit 60

HAS940 Fluorescent yellow: Grit 60

HAS945 Black with photo-luminescent strip: Grit 60

HAS950 Red: Grit 60

HAS960 Blue: Grit 60

HAS970 Brown (Granite) Grit 60

HAS980 Clear: Grit 60

HAS990 Clear Swimmimg Pool Grade

HAS991 White Swimmimg Pool Grade

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