BondPlus Electrical Tapes

BondPlus+ Electrical

high-quality technical tapes developed for a range of electrical applications

Hi-Bond Tapes supply high-quality technical tapes developed for a range of applications in the electronics industry. For bonding, masking, shielding and surface protection. Products with excellent properties for the high specification demands of the electronics industry in the 21st-century.

Hi grade acrylic, silicone and electrically conductive adhesive are used in conjunction with the best available films and metal foils to give outstanding results for high-performance consumer electronics, avionics, industrial electronics and telecoms.


  • Electrical installation
  • EMI/RFI shielding
  • Anti-static applications
  • PCB masking
  • Bonding to high temperature surfaces
  • Conductive connection and fixing

Electrical installation

HB 830, HB836 polyimide films with silicone adhesive give excellent electrical installation, high temperature resistance, high strength and very good chemical resistance. Available in single and double sided tapes and also anti-static.

HB 830 Polyimide with silicone adhesive

HB 836 Polyimide anti-static silicon adhesive

HB 930 Polyimide double-sided silicone adhesive

HB 830 - HB 836 - HB930

EMI/RFI shielding

With an ever increasing range of mobile communication devices and electrical goods generally it is crucial to have a good shielding of products to prevent interference. We have a range of electrically conductive adhesive coated foils, fabrics and conductive transfer adhesive. Electro-magnet compatibility

HB 710 Aluminium foil with conductive adhesive.

HB 720A 45 micron thick copper foil with conductive adhesive.

HB 740 60 micron thick copper foil with conductive adhesive.

HB 938A Embossed copper foil with conductive adhesive.

HB 750 Double sided aluminium foil with conductive adhesive.

HB 102 Electrically conductive transfer adhesive.

HB 340 Metalized non-woven fabric.

HB 350 Metalized non-woven fabric.

HB 710 - HB 720 - HB 740 - HB938 - HB 750

Anti – static applications

Hi-Bond Tapes offer a range of anti-static surface protection films to prevent a buildup of static electricity to which dust and other materials will cling.

Also in the range is an anti-static closure tape for sealing of special packaging for electrical components and finished goods.

HB836 Anti-static Polyimide film silicon adhesive.

HB836 - HB254

For high temperature masking applications hi-bond, bond plus range of Polyimide and Polyester tapes are ideal, with quality silicone adhesive these tapes are ideal for wave solder masking usage.

HB850 B R G Y Blue, red, green and yellow colour Polyesters HB 830 Polyimide

Bonding for high temperature resistance

Bond plus – Polyester and Polyimide tapes are ideal for high temperature applications using a high temperature resistant silicone adhesive which will resist temperatures of 250 °C is short-term and 180 °C for longer periods.

HB850 Polyester films with silicone adhesive

HB 857DG Polyester film with silicone adhesive

HB 854A Polyester film with silicone

HB 830 Polyimide films with silicone adhesive

HB 836 Polyimide film anti-static with silicone adhesive

HB 930 Polyimide film double-sided silicone adhesive

Conductive connection and fixing

Conductive metal foil tapes with electrically conductive acrylic adhesives and conductive transfer adhesives of the highest quality.

HB 710 - HB 720A - HB 740 - HB 750 - HB 938A - HB 102

Electro-plating Masking

Surface protection to leave areas free from plating. The Tape has to have very good chemical resistance, temperature resistance and bond strength when submerged in electrolytic fluid.


Flexible Absorbers

MetaIlised resin sheets with absorption properties for electro-magnetic interference/compatibility and radio frequency interference in the broadband range. The absorbers improve antenna performance, data flex performance, high-speed communication and increases signal integrity. In contrast with conductive shielding materials, the reflection of incidence waves is very low, because the electro-magnetic energy is absorbed and turned to heat.

Near field communication

With the increase in the use of smart-phones with near field communication systems there is a need for increased performance and distance of communication. Reducing interference in the 13.56MHz frequency band to short range wireless communications for e-payment systems, improving operating communications efficiency between mobile devices and terminals in the vicinity of antenna coils. Our absorbers have high permeability ; Concentrates electromagnetic waves and prevent interference between loop antenna and a metal parts. The operating distance between the antenna and there are RF- ID reader is thus increased.

Wireless power charging

The ability to power an electronic device without the use of wires, provides a convenient solution for uses of mobile devices. HBA 600 WP


  • Ensure that the surfaces to be bonded are completely clean and free from dust and grease
  • The surfaces to be bonded should be dry and free from any loose particles
  • The b est cleaning medium is a solvent such as Isopropyl alcohol applied with a clean cloth or tissue
  • To attend the optimum bond sufficient pressure should be applied to the surface area to be bonded. To ensure good adhesive ‘wet out’ typical pressure should be 15 PSI +100 KPA
  • The adhesive is pressure sensitive and best results are achieved with maximum surface contact under pressure
  • Avoid significant load-bearing to the bond directly after application
  • Recommended application temperature +20 ºC to +36 ºC
  • Minimum application temperature should not be below +10 ºC


  • Electrical insulations -
  • E.M.I / R.F.I. Shielding
  • Fixing static laminations
  • Clamping at high temperatures
  • Touch screens
  • Anti-static applications
  • Surface protection
  • Splicing siliconised films, papers etc.
  • Bonding to high temperature surfaces
  • Bonding and fixing low surface energy materials
  • Powder coating masking
  • Metal process masking (electroplating)

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