Foams, Film, Tissue & Transfer Tapes

Foams, Film, Tissue & Transfer Tapes

Polyethylene Foam Tapes

Hi-Bond Tapes has an extensive range of high performance PE foam tapes for a wide range of fixing, mounting and bonding applications for use in many industrial sectors. The range comprises of foams in densities from 50kg/m3 up to 200kg/m3 from 0.5mm thick up to 3mm thick. These tapes are coated with high grade solvent acrylic adhesives which are ideal for external uses in demanding all weather climates. Both black and white foams are available with a range of different coloured PE film release liners and also a standard white paper liner.

Hi-Porseal Polyurethane Foams

These are special nano-cell PU foams with outstanding properties for cushioning, sealing, bonding and black-out applications. The foams have an even sized closed cell structure with a very smooth even surface giving exceptional adhesive wet-out. The adhesive coating is a high performance UV cured adhesive with a very smooth surface to give excellent bonding to glass and a wide variety of substrates. The foams have a density of 250kg/m3 and are reinforced with a black polyester film which gives dimensional stability.

These foams are ideal for die-cut pads and gaskets and can be cut into precise complex shapes for applications in the electronics industry. The foams are available in thicknesses from 0.4mm to 1.9mm and are perfect for bonding screens into frames, giving good black-out performance. Hi-Porseal foams have very good cushioning, anti-vibration and shock absorbency.

Characteristics for many technology applications.

HPS 040B - HPS 080B - HPS 120B


Double-sided polyester tapes , PVC film and woven polyimide are in the range, coated with high grade, high tack / high shear cross-linked acrylic adhesives. Filmic tapes with paper and MOPP film liner with easy release coatings to give ease of use. The tapes bond very well to a wide range of materials , they are flexible with very good temperature and UV resistance for both internal and external applications. Ideal for use in the point of sale , plastics, sign and general industries. Within the range are also flame retardant tapes.

HB 347 - HB 392 - HB 397 - HB 397F

Tissue Tape

The non-woven tissue tapes in the range are quality products coated with high tack high performance solvent acrylic adhesives. These tapes are ideal for splicing and laminating applications , for flying splice in the corrugated industry, foam laminating and other applications in point of sale, sign and display and general industry.

HB 410 - HB 415

Transfer Tapes

In the Hi-Bond Tapes portfolio of tape there are both solvent acrylic and UV acrylic transfer tapes for demanding bonding and laminating applications. Available in thickness of 50 micron to 250micron in both transparent and black grades. These tapes have very high temperature resistance, good chemical resistance and can withstand high UV exposure.

HB 2065 - HB 2135 - VST 9060 - VST 6025B

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