Acrylic Foam Tapes

Excellent load-bearing capability & high-performance

Hi-Bond Acrylic Foam Tapes

The VST range of high performance structural bonding tapes are of the highest quality and performance levels of any double - sided bonding and mounting tapes on the market. These highly versatile tapes can be used for a wide range of applications in many industrial sectors.

The acrylic foams are available in white, grey, black, and clear in thicknesses from 0.25mm to 3mm thick with fine tolerances in densities from 650kg/m3 to 1500kg/m3. These tapes have excellent load bearing performance with excellent cohesive strength, dynamic shear and tensile adhesion.

The tapes bond a wide variety of materials and are especially good at bonding metals, plastics and glass. Hi-Bond acrylic foams have outstanding all weather performance and can withstand temperatures of - 40oC to + 160oC short term.

These tapes also have very good resistance to humidity and act as a moisture barrier when applied. Acrylic foams are visco-elastic and when applied will take up the expansion and contraction of different substrates at high and low temperatures unlike other double-sided tapes

The tapes are UV.cured and contain no solvents so they are good for the environment and have low outgassing.

Automotive Approved Grades

The 6 series acrylic tapes are automotive approved and are used extensively in the automotive Industry for a wide range of applications, for bonding automotive plastics, painted steel and composites.

These tapes also have been used extensively in the manufacture of solar panels and can withstand the most demanding of extreme weather conditions.

Most of the grades are UL 746C approved on metals ,plastics and glass.

Colour : grey available in 0.25mm, 0.4mm, 0.64mm , 0.8mm, 1.1mm, 1.5mm and 2mm

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Fire Retardant Grades

The 6WFR series of acrylic foams are flame retardant grades which pass aerospace flame retardant and smoke emission test specifications, FAR/ JAR. These grades are also UV V2 approved ( Underwriters Laboratory ) for the electronics industry.

The tapes are ideal for use in applications in both civilian and military aircraft for bonding plastics ,metals and composites.

The tapes act as a barrier to fire when bonding different Substrates ideal for applications in trains , aircraft, ships and in public areas where fire regulations are strict. Colour : white in thicknesses 0.64mm and 1.1mm

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Low Surface Energy Tape

The 5 series grades of acrylic foam have an additional coating of a high grade acrylic adhesive Laminated both sides to the tape giving good adhesion to low surface energy plastics such as polypropylene and polyethylene.

The tapes also bond well to powder coated paints and epoxy paints which can be low surface energy and difficult to stick to. Colour : white available in 0.64mm and 1.1mm

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Low Temperature Tapes

The 3 series of acrylic foam tapes have been specially formulated to give a higher tack to the Surface even a temperatures down to 0oC. So the tapes can be applied outdoors on site, these Tapes are ideal for bonding metals and plastics and can be used on some low surface energy plastics Due to good tack and initial adhesion.

Colour: grey available in 0.4mm 1.2mm and 3mm thick.

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Thermal Transmission Tapes

The 7 series of tapes have been designed to give very good thermal transmission properties. The have a special filler which has excellent thermal values which allows heat to pass through the tape in the X axis.

The tapes can act as a thermal interface as well as a bonding and fixing medium to attach electrical components. These tapes also have excellent shock absorbency and vibration dampening properties to protect delicate components from impact damage.

Ideal for die-cutting into complex shapes to suit the component. Colour : white available in 0.25mm 0.64mm and 1.1mm thick.

VST 7 Series

Transparent Acrylic Foams

Developed for use in bonding all types of glass and transparent plastics, these grades are highly visco-elastic and conformable giving an invisible bond line when bonding a wide variety of coloured materials.

The tapes are solvent free so do not damage and degrade polycarbonate and other plastics when applied. Clear acrylic foams have a wide scope of applications in the sign, display and point of sale industries. Colour : Clear available in 0.25mm, 0.5mm , 1mm , 1.5mm and 2mm

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Applying Acrylic Foam Tapes

The aim of applying pressure is to achieve 100% wet – out of the adhesive. To achieve good wet out and ultimately a good bond, it is essential to ensure that this is firm and even. As a rule, a minimum of 15 PSI (100 Kpa) should be used for rigid materials. More flexible components may need less pressure.

The size, shape of the components being bonded and tape placement will also need to be considered in determining how much pressure should be applied.

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